Saturday, November 3, 2007

paper bead necklace

Bead thread, nymo D, or fireline.
Two beading needles of a size that will go through your choice of seed beads. (I used # 12.
Needle tool
Jewelry glue or clear nail polish to seal knots.

Use a bead board or your choice of work surface to lay out a dry run of your beads. Then use a needle tool to make small holes crosswise in one end of your vertical beads. Thread about2 yards of bead thread with a needle on each end. After the longer center bead you will be stringing paper beads and seed beads on one side and then the other in order to keep them symmetrical. When you have strung your beads to the length that you want tie the thread ends in a double knot and then a second double knot. To make a stronger necklace, thread a second to yard length of bead thread and go through the entire sequence a second time. End as above.

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