Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Library Wall

Tthe library wall contains the craft books on painting (water color, acrylic, pastels, colored pencils, mixed media, assemblage); beads and bead making,
paper beds, bead crochet, seed beads bead embroidery, beads and fiber etc then polymer clay: probably 30 books on all the ways to work with polymer clay, last but not least: art quiting and mixed media to help me to experiment in combining these favorite arts and coming up with some things special. There are stacks of many years worth of specialty magazines and journals: Bead and Button, Bead Unique, Art Quilts, Belle Armoire, Art Dolls, Jewelry Ar t, Cloth Paper Scissors and more. Files of directions and patterns saved from the Internet, And on lower shelves: papers of all kinds: copy paper, construction paper, scrap book paper, rice paper, lace paper, tracing paper, cover paper, handmade paper, home made paper, tissue, crepe paper, foils, freezer paper, delli paper, parchment paper, wrapping paper,saved dryer sheets, recycled coffee filters,  and  napkins. I could go look and see what I'm forgetting, but you've got the idea, right?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bead area plus

This unit has 1000s of beads. mainly in tubes in plastic drawers on the two  middle shelves.
There are also containers of paint, fabric paint, inks,embossing powders, foils, glitter,colored pencils, watercolors, water color pencils, pastel pencils, acrylics, punches, scissors collection, glues,a few tools
such as: mini food processor, larger food processor for paper making, metal tools, paper cutter, 3 point hole punch, paint brushes and texturizers.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Art room, polymer clay storage

This unit is for polymer clay: forms, textures, molds, tools, finishes, clay, liquid clay, clay adhesives, etc.

This is the 4x8 work table, the polymer clay half. the other end holds the matt cutter. There is a tool drawer on the left end and on the other end is a wide shelf that holds large sheets of matting and watercolor paper.
Bless husband Bill for doing such a great job of thinking this out and building it.

This is the matt cutting end. the light can be adjusted to work in either area.

This is the first views of my Fall project of reorganizing the "art room"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Tales

Mr. Williams, a Native American carver sat on a busy corner in downtown Seattle appearing oblivious to traffic and passersby. He was absorbed in the beautiful piece of Madrona he was carving, as close to happy as he'd been in years. The knife, a gift from his uncle  on the celebration of his 14th year.The wood cost him half a bottle of Thunderbird. It is beautiful and he knows it was worth it.
A patrolman noticing Williams became concerned as the corner would soon be even busier.
"Hey buddy, what ya working on?" Williams looked up. Was someone talking to him? sometimes focusing was not easy, did he take his meds?
The patrolman puts a hand on his shoulder and helps him up.He walks him to a  nearby corner and points down the way at the entrance to a park. Tells him about shade and benches. He helps him put the knife in it's sheath and the wood and knife in his backpack.
Williams does smile now, as he heads down the block.
He feels good. He made a new friend.

A patrolman sees a man "brandishing" a knife as he sits on a busy downtown corner.
The cop  identifies himself and pulls his revolver. " drop that weapon!'
Williams looks up. someone is yelling. Is he looking at him?
"Drop that weapon.
Williams looks at his carving knife. Does he mean this?
He turns to ask him a question, to ask if he means his tool, his carver? But his brain exp;odes into red rockets falling into black embers then black only.
Mr Williams is gone.
He never knew why.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A finished Spiral Creation

Well almost finished. I am thinking a fringe is in order to add to this design.
What do you think? Needs fringe?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Have completed about a dozen spiral beads/cabochons all different, of polymer clay in lavenders, aqua, and black and designed 5 of them into a piece I'm presently beading.
Some of the others will be completed in a more simple form in order to have some done by the end of the month.
Oh my goodness it is great to be crafting again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the sun is shining, oh happy day!

Feeling so good about everything.Ready now to take on the world in general, my life in general. No longer feel I am "on hold" due to health concerns. Oh yay! Happy dance with anyone who will join me.Hi Darla, waving happily

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Air

The Elements
by Dorothy Morrison

Yellow is the color of Air:
Of winds blown strong and winds blown fair.
Red belongs to Flames and Fire,
Burning brightly on the pyre.If Water is your quest use blue
Tides rise and fall in azure hue.
The tint of Mother earth is green...
Calm and peaceful and serene.
In your mind these colors gel:
And they will serve you very well.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Some ways of becoming balanced by honoring Air in my life are obvious and essential. Using the nebulizer and inhalers, practicing the lung exercises, getting well.
But I can do more. Yogic breathing, a daily practice sounds like a promising start.
Then to tend to my neglected accouterments ....take down and untangle the wind chimes. Some may need repair and some may need replaced.....but they all need. Then there's the wind sock.
Above the pond a typical Chinese Koi wind sock. Orange nylon, black permanent marker, a small hoop for the open mouth. Should be fun to make and hang.
It's a start!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Momma Moon

Not full faced and fertile, but shyly hiding an eye, she found that small area between the edge of the blind and the back of the couch and winked at me.
I smiled and wondered what message she might have for me. I awoke with the question still in mind and determined that Moon certainly had a message and it was very basic. I was  ignoring something elemental and important.
Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Of the signs I was born to Fire and it predominates my personality and lifestyle. Water has been an influence and constant source of comfort and pleasure as I seek it and honor it in many ways.
Earth is another given considering my mountain roots and love of growth and soil.
I am left with Air. (Or maybe not?) I  think Moon told me I am unbalanced in my Elements as I have not paid enough attention to Air.
The next year starting June first, I will devote to the honor and study of Air as a guiding element. I expect and improvement in breathing and lung function to occur as a result.
Moon said: "Seek balance."

Friday, May 21, 2010

spiraling into health

Hello again. Can't get back to the art table yet, busy with the tedium of recuperation.

Thinking of symbols and guides.
My symbol is a spiral, and it is permeating my recovery. It started when I began collecting visuals for art projects, beginning with nature: fern fronds, nautilus, ammonites, Sheep horn, it grew into black holes, galaxies, fractal flames, DNA, interlocking life spirals.

In my half sleep I saw spirals of light and color, all color without beginning or end moving in and out of each other, permeating, becoming one in space and time then gracefully separating and interconnecting somewhere else, growing, becoming more and greater, seeking and finding change while remaining in truth the same.

Are our lives like this? Is this how different worlds live and move together just outside our consciousness?
Are the multi-universes connected in an interplay of spiraling colored light full of the knowledge and life and love of all times, past, now and tomorrow?

And how can I learn more?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


While the old carpet was removed and the new plank floor being placed I was banished to the art room. (So I wouldn't be breathing in dust and sawdust). Oh poor me, .....not! I have had so much fun playing with beads, polymer and paint that I'm not wanting it to come to an end.
What have I been making? Mysterious pod-blossoms, luminescent polymer beads.
Soon the computer/printer/scanner will be hooked back up and I will be able to show you samples. Soon.....I think! Bill still has to re-wire heaters, and replace trim all round. But soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow! I am suddenly beginning projects, researching others; busy, busy and loving it.
The two brilliant beaded chameleons that were started last fall are being fitted for their background leafy branch neck pieces.

A new little beaded owl wanted to come in to being and what a little character. I crocheted a form first and stuffed it. It looked like a bowling pin. so I put eyes in, that usually helps. Then it looked like a bowling pin with eyes! I didn't give up though and now she looks like a sweet little snowy owl with character.

Somehow my mind wandered back to my OT classes when we learned the basics of many kinds of crafts. One was netting. Yes like the fishermen used to do on the off season, creating and repairing nets. I didn't want a huge fishnet though but some small round containers for stones. I am using wire and netting around a dowel. Need to practice the area where you add a new length of wire. It needs to fit in seamlessly and I haven't got that yet on the first two trials. Three is the charm right?

AND, no, I'm not done, polymer clay earrings in progress. A pattern from an old Jewelry magazine....iridescent colored ink on black clay.
Looking good. Iwill let you know!

What a difference to be well as opposed to NOT!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Are you feeling the pain of the Haitian people? it is so raw it's palpable, a throb of pain and need. It is hard for many of us to part with cash but we can all keep these people in our thoughts and send positive wishes and strength and a vision of recovery and hope.
It must be very difficult to muster up hope when you are living with hunger and thirst among rubble and sewage, struggling to survive when all you knew is lost. Your family is split or gone, your love is torn and divided and you are feeling pains of so many kinds. You wonder if there is any way you can muster up the strength to face the night, to wake to another day. You wonder why?
Send strength to these lost ones. All you can. It could be you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Befana an annual pleasure

Befana! fun and heartwarming. For twenty women drawn together by fate and the love of our similarities and differences, it is one of the best days of the year.
The original Befana? A generous old Italian woman who rode her broom around the countryside on the eve of January 4th leaving gifts and sweet treats for  the children. Sound familiar somehow?
Origins are interesting Often what you think you know is not that way at all. Try a challenge. Take one thing you assume, take for granted and research it's origin. you may be surprised.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new year choices

A new year, new beginnings. Sometimes starting over sounds so positive.

I will be healthy if at all possible by taking special care and not taking anything for

I'll continue to eat less meat, and dairy, more fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.
I will be meticulous in my crafting too, remembering to be careful about ventilation when there is even the slightest thought there might be harmful fumes. I will remember protective gloves and masks, and will use them like it or not. I can learn to get used to them right?

I will remember the fear and discomfort of being unable to get a full breath and I will appreciate the air I breathe and give thanks.