Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jean Terry, who is on Christie Friesen's group suggested trying the paper bead method using

polymer clay. I jumped and been having fun all day.

First I rounded up some bits and pieces of polymer clay left over from previous projects. The colors ended up being a green, an orange, a bit of metallic gold, some glittery silver, tan, and a big chunk of pearl.

Play with whatever colors you have or like!

Condition the clay by warming and rolling with a brayer or if you are into polymer clay prepare it with the clay dedicated pasta machine as usual.

Roll it quite evenly and thinly. Combine colors by blending and twistin to make unusal twirls or make a skinner blend.

(I would like to recommend Glass Attic for all the information you may require on polymer clay basics).

I made a few beads at this point but thought a texture would add more interest.

So I went to my texture box and pulled out a piece of woven onion bag, a strange item that is meant as a hot pad but I purchased for the texture, and a chunk of plastic filter meant for a pond filter.

Oh what cool textures!

You can roll texture onto your clay sheet with the brayer or run it through the pasta machine.

Spray it with a little water first to help prevent sticking, then cut triangle pieces using your clay blade or a single edged razor blade, or an exacto knife.

Roll over your skewer just like when you made the paper beads.

More tomorrow, this is as far as I've gotten! 8')

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Kelly said...

Hadn't thought of doing 'paper' beads with the polymer. How cool. As far as texture goes, I drive hubby nuts when we go anywhere. I look at anything textured wondering if it will work with clay. hehe