Thursday, November 1, 2007

Earrings with paper focal bead

Earrings with paper beads.
Choose two paper beads that are similar, they don’t have to be exact.
You will also need clear nail polish or jewelry glue
Scissors to trim thread
A strong nylon thread (I used Nymo 0 ) color to match beads
Long slim beading needle or any needle that will go through the seed beads
Misc. seed beads sizes 11 to 6
A pair of French hooks
2 or 4 spilt rings

Tie on a small seed bead, leaving a 3’ tail and go around a couple of times use a dot of nail polish or glue to secure the knot. String several more seed and or bugle beads the paper bead (focal bead) and then a few more seed beads. Follow this with a split ring and then back through
the seed beads the paper bead and the first seed beads ending up where you started
Tie the two threads together tightly and secure with nail polish. Allow to dry before closely snipping thread ends. Repeat with second earring. *I like to do both at once, working one and then the other to keep them symmetrical.

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