Friday, November 9, 2007

Magical Spirals

Polymer clay spirals, the larger for hair ornaments the smaller for matching earrings. Oh what fun.
After rolling out your conditioned clay to a medium thickness for the hair ornaments, rub a little oil on a drinking straw and form the spiral around the straw. You may leave it there or carefully remove and set on parchment to be ready to bake. For the earring size wrap around a metal skewer or knitting needle. Use a darning needle or needle tool to make a small hole in one end to use for hanging. After baking following clay instructions for temperature and time,cool and then coat with Future floor finish if you want a glossy shine. Then add a jump ring to attach to an earring wire.
The hair ornaments can be given a glossy finish also, and are ready to use. I haven't tried them yet as I haven't got them baked. But I'll let you know how they work tomorrow. I am a bit concerned as to whether they will be strong enough to hold up.
the next ones will be made about half Premo and half Bake and and Bend. The Bake and Bend should add the necessary give to make these strong and pliable. Stay tuned

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