Monday, November 26, 2007

The miscellaneous shelves.

I uploaded the picture below of the studio miscellaneous wall but didn't get a chance to tell you what it was all about. i know, it's suppose to be better, and it isn't much different I admit. The only answer is to get rid of more things and gee, I'm not ready for that.
The top shelf has natural items which include, shells, seeds pods, and many strange and wonderful items from a bag of on-sale pot-pourrie. Nest to those containers sits a welding torch and a canister of butane or whatever it is that it uses. Then two containers of pens, pencils and markers.Second shelf has two more containers of seashells and bits of driftwood and drift bark. Then bits of colored glass in lavender, lime green and turquoise. They are great finds from the dollar store, ready for some experimenting with clay and glass. Soon, soon. The nest two containers hold colored pencils followed by rubber stamps, foam stamps, stamp pads, and metal pieces, aluminum and copper. Third shelf down has a container of various tapes, then a container of many gauges and colors of craft wire. Then there are a few cans of clear and matt finishes and a spray can of the same. A stack of little screw-together clear plastic organizers hold, hooks,and screws in different small sizes, followed by more stamps, some homemade and carving tools.
The 4th shelf has the big set of artists colored pencils (as opposed to the craft pencils previously mentioned.) Then a container with drawers of rubber bands, clamps of various sizes, notebook tings and paper clips, and other such office items. The center of the shelf holds colored paper both bond and card stock with some fancy papers. And notebooks with ideas for paper art, beads, polymer clay, and miscellanious crafts. Below that paper and down through two shelves are more stacks of paper, and pads of various types, including graph paper and tracing paper as well as sketch pads and fun foam.
Other shelves hold clay molds for small items, clay glaze and pains, a box of sandpapers, a scale, The bottom shelf left holds paintings in watercolor, acyclic and pastels unfinished or maybe finished. You know. You can see a few houseplants on the left and in the upper right corner a bit of the light attached to the easel that also has a magnifying glass center, for close up work. You also see a paper cutter on the corner of that table which holds the small kiln. But that's another day.

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see you there! said...

Rae I'm beginning to think you don't have a studio, instead you have a whole arts and crafts store. I would have fun just walking in and looking at everything.