Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, the work wall in the studio really is better than it was. i know, still not a thing of beauty but what can I say? The stuff I need is right there and pretty handy so.....

The top of the little shelf unit holds two extra containers for the rock tumbler and a little bead loom. the shelf holds a projector and a mini-food processor for dealing with hard polymer clay.
Under that hangs a Styrofoam cutter. I've only tried it once and wasn't real happy with it. Must remember to give it another chance.

Paper towels hang to the left. Then there are hoops and rings from tiny to pretty big, of bamboo, metal and wood. They will be real handy some day. Pot holders, measuring cups, measuring spoons (that include 1/4 AND 1/8 as well as the usual, I'll have you know). Then there are tile nippers, clay slicer wires and a heat gun. Copper tubing, a stray measuring cup and T-squares hand with a couple glue guns, and engraver and a Dremel type tool with extension arm. There is also a soldering iron and a paper cutter.

Below on the little stand is the toaster oven for polymer clay with it's timer and oven thermometer. Below it are deli wrap sheets, corn starch, toothpicks, mineral oil and small containers that once held Little Cesar's dog food and are ever so handy. You also see the sliding doors to the patio. And wow! I'm staarted. More tomorrow.

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