Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini-scenic pendant beads

These are little polymer clay scenes. Formed and carved and meant to be used in a beaded pendant. I love making these, usually beginning with several sheets of natural colors of blended clay. Designing right on the clay with a stylus I will sketch trees, rocks, stumps, mountains etc. Then I choose a neutral background color and use a template to cut it into a circle, square or oval.
Next I use a craft knife to carefully cut out each scenic object. After refining edges I place the components onto the template in the order of the background, middle grounds and then foreground or focal point.Then each piece is lifted, brushed with liquid pc (as a glue) and replaced. I may roll lightly with an acrylic rod to assure a good adhesion. These are then baked to cure for 30 minutes. I may finish with Future acrylic floor finish or may buff and leave uncoated.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

in Pittsburgh

Busy, busy

Just back from a trip to Pittsburgh and a visit with my other family (Husbands kin).
It was quick and fun but the preparation beforehand and catching up after takes hunks out of creative projects, and therefore life!
I have done some polymer pendants and small hangings that I want to show you after some small finishing touches. Soon, soon. Also more beaded bracelets similar to the ones below. They are freeform peyote and freeform embroidery and most fun to make. My style is more loose and design-as-you-go than the rigid patterned, exact style that many beaders prefer. I admire these disciplined works immensely but abandon them soon after mastering a stitch in favor of the looser method as I feel so much less restricted. I know, patience, patience. I'm still working on that.
So back to work and new stuff soon.