Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crystal Spider Necklace

Perfect for the season. Appropriate but still pretty!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Berry Patch Bracelet

Blackberry patch bracelet to go with necklace. It is interwoven brier vines with ripe and partially ripe berries,  and a few berry vine leaves. It attaches with a berry red button and viney loop-. I love this berry stuff. Still have earrings and a ring to work on.
What will I do after berries? Hmm, I've been pulled back again to beachy things. Maybe pearls, seas colored seed beads, shells, polymer sea life? will it be jewelry? Or maybe a wall hanging or table piece many ways to go. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Magical Monday:
Drove to the coast to the Indian village to take a friend some canning jars and lids etc. It was a great day for the ride. It is only 70 miles but takes over two hours as the roads are narrow winding and precarious. When leaving the village to drive back there is a road sign that reads, slides and washouts the next 35 miles and it isn’t kidding!
I wanted to see the ocean beach and visit some of the inlets on the straits to take pictures and just soak the seasonal changes into my being. I didn’t realize until visiting with Lila briefly that her late daughter Kim would have turned 55 yesterday. We visited her grave on the way back. The graveyard has the usual crosses but also totems and Orca carvings, glass globes and plastic flowers. It feels peaceful there, but still alive as well. An interesting aura.
It was sunny but misty from time to time and a huge rainbow arced over the ocean and ended in the village, visible just as we drove over the ridge into town. Welcoming. I was a northwest native in another life and driving into Neah Bay always reminds me of returning home.
It was a magical day to start out my week.