Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow! I am suddenly beginning projects, researching others; busy, busy and loving it.
The two brilliant beaded chameleons that were started last fall are being fitted for their background leafy branch neck pieces.

A new little beaded owl wanted to come in to being and what a little character. I crocheted a form first and stuffed it. It looked like a bowling pin. so I put eyes in, that usually helps. Then it looked like a bowling pin with eyes! I didn't give up though and now she looks like a sweet little snowy owl with character.

Somehow my mind wandered back to my OT classes when we learned the basics of many kinds of crafts. One was netting. Yes like the fishermen used to do on the off season, creating and repairing nets. I didn't want a huge fishnet though but some small round containers for stones. I am using wire and netting around a dowel. Need to practice the area where you add a new length of wire. It needs to fit in seamlessly and I haven't got that yet on the first two trials. Three is the charm right?

AND, no, I'm not done, polymer clay earrings in progress. A pattern from an old Jewelry magazine....iridescent colored ink on black clay.
Looking good. Iwill let you know!

What a difference to be well as opposed to NOT!