Thursday, May 27, 2010

Momma Moon

Not full faced and fertile, but shyly hiding an eye, she found that small area between the edge of the blind and the back of the couch and winked at me.
I smiled and wondered what message she might have for me. I awoke with the question still in mind and determined that Moon certainly had a message and it was very basic. I was  ignoring something elemental and important.
Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Of the signs I was born to Fire and it predominates my personality and lifestyle. Water has been an influence and constant source of comfort and pleasure as I seek it and honor it in many ways.
Earth is another given considering my mountain roots and love of growth and soil.
I am left with Air. (Or maybe not?) I  think Moon told me I am unbalanced in my Elements as I have not paid enough attention to Air.
The next year starting June first, I will devote to the honor and study of Air as a guiding element. I expect and improvement in breathing and lung function to occur as a result.
Moon said: "Seek balance."

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see you there! said...

Amazing in light of what you have been experiencing. You are so wise.