Monday, December 26, 2011


I get alot of daily newsletter things on various subjects; cretivity, beading, fiberarts, polymerclay, spirituality, befief systems, etc. One of my favorites is Spiritcloth. Jude Hill is consistent in her contributions and I find her an amazing person, one who Ii would like to be when I grow up, only I am sure I am older than she so that isn't likely.
Her work is unique, nothing  else is like it. I find it inspiring consistentlly and bet you will too.
Check it out. Spiritcloth stitching a story could be called Sspiritcloth, Stitching a Life.


jude said...

Thank you InaRae

see you there! said...

I've peeked at Jude's blog on and off and I'm not even a stitcher. There is lots of inspiration there for everyone tho.


Usemeplz said...

I'd like to meet and speak with Jude. I also think that this person is amazing.