Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yellow, aqua, blue, magenta and light green, goes with most summer outfits. A really fun bracelet that made itself. (Along with a handful more.) Addictive little guys just keep on coming. Come back often and I'll try to get good pictures up more often.
Not that I am not happy to be getting big therapeutic doses of gardening. And yes, I need them.
Grounding. That's what garden-therapy does for me. In more ways than one.
Wish I could wear gloves. I mean. I do, for some jobs, but not weeding, nor planting, have to have that connection for it all to flow properly!
I know you get it!! Right?


see you there! said...

How about Hibiscus? I know the flowers don't come in all those colors but that's what it reminds me of sitting there against the green in all its lacy goodness.

Hibiscus are blooming in our garden right now.


InaRae said...

Hibiscus it is!
thanks Darla.