Thursday, July 31, 2008

A-lure-ing fish key chain

This is fun and easy and one of the few things that includes beads that will work for guys.
First find a lure with lovely iridescent colors that you can duplicate with beads. In this case the fish sported turquoise, magenta, cobalt and greens, favorites of mine so it was easy to find match ups.
Next pick up or dismantle and old key chain clip. Now get a nice tough pair of wire cutters to remove the hook. Push the cutters far up into the belly of the fish so no poky wire will protrude. Now the only metal showing is the little loop at the top where you can attach the key chain.
Thread a long needle with Fireline and knot the line. Poke it through from the top near the loop and come out at the belly thread on 10-12 beads and skipping the last bead you put on, come back up through the others and back through the fish belly near where you started. Now repeat and do another fringe of beads until you are happy with the look. Four or five should be about right. This is fun, easy and makes a nice guy gift!

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see you there! said...

Great idea and there are so few ideas out there for gifts to make for men.

Love those colors too.