Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini-scenic pendant beads

These are little polymer clay scenes. Formed and carved and meant to be used in a beaded pendant. I love making these, usually beginning with several sheets of natural colors of blended clay. Designing right on the clay with a stylus I will sketch trees, rocks, stumps, mountains etc. Then I choose a neutral background color and use a template to cut it into a circle, square or oval.
Next I use a craft knife to carefully cut out each scenic object. After refining edges I place the components onto the template in the order of the background, middle grounds and then foreground or focal point.Then each piece is lifted, brushed with liquid pc (as a glue) and replaced. I may roll lightly with an acrylic rod to assure a good adhesion. These are then baked to cure for 30 minutes. I may finish with Future acrylic floor finish or may buff and leave uncoated.

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