Monday, December 3, 2007

TreeMan 2

Tree Man 2 is a smaller version of the tree man created in class. I can show you more! Begin with a face with character. Use someone you know, or search out an image using Google images.Find one free of copywrite.

1.choose a paper with a little tooth. I used pastel paer in a warm light brown.
2. set out a variety of colored pencils, many browns, gold, dark grey, black, a few greens and a background tint. This time I used blues.
3. begin by sketching in the nose.It is the, (along with the yees) what will give your pencil painting character. The bulb of the nose is formed with three spheres, the center ase, and the two nostrils. The shaft of the nose is a column which becomes somewhat less as it reaches up to the corners of the eyebrows.

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