Thursday, December 6, 2007


While the winds blew and the waters rose all around, it seemed a good time to me to dsign and run off my annual holiday cards. But the wind was still blowing when that was done so I also designed and ran off mailing labels and return labels. It is good to keep focused when the world appears to be coming to an end, as you are sadly limited in what you can do and the mind can run away with "what ifs".
Be prepared as the tendency to eratic weather is becoming the norm not the exception.
You know the drill: Store potable water, canned food, a portable radio, batteries, oil lamp and/or candles and matches, warm blankets, your pets supplies and your favorite pass time. Yarn and needles or hook, threads and fabric for stitching, polymer clay or sketch book and pencils. Sometimes there is little you can do as Nature has her fit so you may as well accomplish something. Use the fury outside to spur your inner desire to create. Then you will at least dome through this with something. At least as long as your fingers are not too cold to hold your needles or pencil!

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