Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What will we do with all these lovely paper beads?
Of course jewelry is the a common thought when it comes to beads, but lets start with something different.
To make a free form star design you will need:
1.A background board.
2. white craft glue
3. scissors to trim bead if necessary.
4 Spray fixative.
(I used a small piece of Masonite 5”x7” gessoed white, a piece of card board or matt board would also work. Prime it with gesso or acrylic paint..)
Use a ruler to find center by drawing in two lines from corner to corner diagonally.
If you wish, paint the board a co-ordinating or contrasting color to the beads you will use.
Begin arranging and gluing beads using the X you drew as a guide. What you place on one side do also on the other.
I used some small seed pearls, and assorted glass beads as well as two buts of copper and a couple of stone chips.

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