Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Paper beads

Colors call me. I can look at page after page in a fashion magazine without noticing the styles, but taken in by beautiful color and texture. This happens when the seasonal catalogs start arriving too. Husband says “into the fire starter crock”, I say “Just a minute.”
I tear out sheets of ads with interesting color and color combinations and put them in a file folder. If they outgrow the file folder before I get at them they might migrate into a box.
Paper Beads
The right time comes and I get out a n acrylic cutting board for a work surface, a pair of sharp scissors a bottle of craft glue and some metal turkey trusses. The latter are used for forming the bead. Any long firm wire will do. A small knitting needle, etc.
At first I used templates to cut the bead shapes but found that too exact, and too time consuming. I just cut long thin triangles. About1 to 1 1/2 inch at the wide base and narrowing up to a point from 3-4 inches long.
First fold the wide end of the triangle around the metal form to get started , then make a couple of rolls. Now squeeze a little glue from about the middle of the triangle to the tip. Continue to roll the bead all the way to the tip, keeping the roll tight and firm. At the end, smooth the tip and set aside to dry.
Finished beads can be given a shine with a little glue water glaze, or Future acrylic floor finish. The finish can be applied with a brush or you can dip the bead or beads. Allow to dry in a place where your kitty can’t investigate and shed on them.
In the evenings when the TV is on one can make dozens of colorful beads before one is aware!
Here is my recent stash.

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