Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have some of my berry beaded jewelry ready to post;
I really admire the jewelry artist, author, beader Laura McCabe. She developed interesting necklace designs based on wild weeds  that commonly grow in her home area,New England. her work started me thinking about what common weeds growing wild in my native area, northwest Washington would lend themselves to beaded necklace designs.
My favorite, wild blackberries came to mind first. I remember Br'er Rabbit outfoxing Br'er Fox by crying "Don't throw me in the brier patch, do anything, anything, but don't throw me in that brier patch." Of course that is exactly what Fox would do, and Rabbit would be home!
In late summer we would go on wild blackberry picking excursions, I would have a small pail which I was expected to fill before I could go exploring. I loved those sweet summer days, The warm cedar scent in the air, the mysterious animal tracks and sometimes droppings. Mom warning me to stay close, as bears loved berries too (along with wandering kids).We pinicked all around a huge patch of berries one day to see bear wandering up the hill away from us. He had picked his way around the opposite side of the patch as we circled around unknowingly. No problem, there was plenty enough for us all. Guess he wasn't in
a mood for kids!

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