Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Luna Moth

Polymer clay Luna moth after the style of Christi Friesen. Made with natural shell and luminaire highlights.
A real joy to make after many months of being "off clay" due to being a couch potato. yes, I can do a lot of clay work right here but getting a stock of it pre-conditioned made the whole process difficult. So mostly I beaded.
Next I'll dhow you some of the results of that.
Presently I have more polymer clay critters to finish  with protectant and buff.
And in the beading category I am jouyously creating a blackberry bramble necklace complete with berry clusters both ripe, semi-ripe and green. What fun!


Laurie Brown said...

That's beautiful! Love the inclusion of the shell.

InaRae said...

Thanks so much Laurie,more fun stuff to come.
Need to email youwith a question.
A how-to?

Walks with Wolves said...