Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out the front window:

The Gaia group's question of the day was "where in your life were you happiest?"
When I was a child I sketched many a picture of a cabin in the woods with deer in the front yard. It was a persistant dream to live in the woods near a creek in a green world.

Later while raising young children and moving often due to being a military family we often found homes in the country on water, so the striving and learning continued.

When the children were grown Bill and I were still young enough to follow our dream, (he now also wanted to try this quiet natural life) we searched and found the perfect place.

I was never happier than when we were on the mountain property, building our home, developing the water and power systems, (we were miles from "conveniences") and living the life. Every summer for 19 years and full time for 7 years we lived an enchanted life.

Now, back in civilization, I cherish those years, the memories of the joys I felt there.

My dream materialized.

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see you there! said...

It is wonderful that your dream was fulfilled and that you have those memories to keep forever.