Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I will be what I will be

InaRae had an idea for an art doll. Ha! She is going to take Christie's Green Goddess class. she think she can learn how to control strong minded dolls. Ha! I started out to be a beach comber, that is what she thought. I immediately tilted my proud chin to the sky and blew that plan. Me? Poking around on a beach hunting rocks and shells and such trivia? Ha! InaRae thought okay, maybe she is a bird lady, looking to the sky, ready to feed little birds from seed in her basket. Ha! I have handmaidens to do that for me. Birds indeed. I want to wear Royal Purple. I want gold trim and sky symbols on my gown. I want my hair done up like a queens. Indeed! InaRae does have a lot to learn about dolls. Think Christie's class will help? Wink!!


see you there! said...

I'm sure InaRae with enjoy the class but I think that doll has a mind of her own.


InaRae said...

Darla, she is just impossible! also has some self-destructive tendencies. Right now it is a question of which of us will survive!