Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Times Change

I remember the traditional Thanksgivings where we as kids were bundled up and headed oout to Grandma's house. Not in a sleigh,but packed in the old car. With Items mom baked and is bringing to help out.
Then I remember bundling up my own kids and heading to Granma's house. Tiny beach cottage that it was, it held an amazing amount of family. All five siblings sometimes with their kids and sometimes kid's friends too. Now I'm the grandma, but kids lives are so hectic. Grandpa and I bundle ourselves up and off to the kids house we go!
What's wrong with this picture?
Well nothing I guess, if the point is to get together. Traditions change, with the times. I'm pleased to be flexible

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see you there! said...

I really miss the big family get togethers, several generations sitting down at the table. All the family lived in the same town (or at least neighboring farm.)