Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Colored Wheels choker

This choker has been both fun and a challenge. The original directions from a Bead&Button magazine designed by Erin Robinson, naturally called for specific sizes of beads and a certain type of beading line. Right away I decided to use my stash which meant slightly different sizes of beads and different stringing options. I looked Fireline, and when it wasn't available nearby I bought some fish line of the same weight but found it would not go through my size 12 beading needle. If I used a needle that would accept the thread it would not go through the seed beads. Ack! The next dilemma was finding if I followed the directions closely the wheels looked more like wide cones. Okay I needed to change how many spokes the wheels had in order for the wheel to lay flay. The original pattern also had wheels of the same size whether it was the picot wheel or the accent seel. Mine has 2 different sizes.
Well all this was new to me. I bead but am not practiced at designing or re-designing. But I am learning!
I am anxious to try this same idea again, with more sizes, more colors. I will let you know what happens.


shirotama said...

That choker is very nice!
I like that design.^^

emergingcrone said...

I love your designs - they are unique and unusual - just like you!

Makes me want to get my beads out and make something cool!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! This necklace has such an oriental feel to me, like the tops of paper umbrellas. Dana