Thursday, January 17, 2008

Native Maiden Pendant Focal Bead

I remembered a drawing I'd done of a beautiful African maiden and wanted to see how she would look as a focal pendant. here is the result. I made three, each similar but each also very different in color tone, background mat and background piece.
I drew the design onto a blended piece of polymer clay (black, a touch of red and a tiny bit of iridescent gold)using a ball stylus. Then I carved into the clay where I wanted deeper impressions, and carefully removed bits of excess clay. When I was happy with this stage I baked the pendant. When it had cooled I used irridescent powders to highlight certain areas. The eyes weere emphasized with polymer inks. The design was placed on the tore, carved, textured background pieces and baked again.
I hope you like her.See more at my Etsy shop

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see you there! said...

She's beautiful Rae.